Professor of Participatory Design, Department of People and Technology, Roskilde University, Denmark.

Chair of the PDC Advisory Board.

Since 1991, I have conducted participatory design action research in collaboration with practitioners—in the last decade within the healthcare domain. I focus on how IT designers can collaborate with users and their management especially when related to clarifying goals, formulating needs, and designing, realizing, and evaluating coherent visions for change.



+45 2044 0338

New article

Configuring information systems and work practices for each other: What competences are needed locally.

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies,2019

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New article

Quality development in healthcare: Participation vs. accreditation

Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, April 2018

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New article

Examining situated design practices: Nurses' transformations towards genuine participation

Design Studies, Nov. 2018


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