6.14: Simonsen, J., M. Hertzum, and A. Barlach (2011): “Experiences with effects specifications,” in M. Hertzum, and C. Jørgensen: Balancing Sourcing and Innovation in Information Systems Development, Tapir Academic Publishers, Trondheim, NO, pp. 145-164.


We describe the effects-specification process from a project that was conducted during the fall 2010 and spring of 2011 in this chapter. The project configured and implemented an electronic patient record system at a maternity ward at a hospital located in a European region. The process comprised workshops with effects specification with management and end-users and an agile development process including prototypes configured from the effects specifications. We describe the project and the effects-specification process through which effects were related to the system design and instruments for measuring effects were designed. The project is analyzed and lessons learned are discussed.

Keywords: partnership sourcing; effects-driven IT development, effects specification, effect means– end hierarchy, management effect workshop, end-user effect workshop, electronic health record.