3.43 Simonsen, J., A.Z. Malik, G. From, M.F. Parslov, and L.T. Sørensen (2020). “A Checklist For A Successful PD Student Project,” Proceedings of the 16th biennial Conference on Participatory Design, PDC’2020, June 15-19, Manizales, Colombia: Participation(s) otherwise, Vol. II, ACM. DOI:10.1145/3384772.3385138


We identify and exemplify a general checklist of eight important conditions required for a successful Participatory Design (PD) student project with external partners. We address projects aiming to embrace both analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation in complex real-life settings. The checklist is intended to support students, academic institutions, and private/public collaborative partners in planning, initiating, conducting and realizing larger student-driven PD projects.

Keywords: Participatory design, Student project, Checklist for projects, Conditions for success, Pilot implementation, Real-life settings, External partners, Student-driven project