3.42 Gyldenkærne, C.H., J. Simonsen, T. Mønsted, and G. From (2020). “PD and The Challenge of AI in Health-Care,” Proceedings of the 16th biennial Conference on Participatory Design, PDC’2020, June 15-19, Manizales, Colombia: Participation(s) otherwise, Vol. II, ACM. DOI:10.1145/3384772.3385138


In its promise to contribute to considerable cost savings and improved patient care through efficient analysis of the tremendous amount of data stored in electronic health records (EHR), there is currently a strong push for the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) in health-care. We identify, through a study of AI being used to predict patient no-show’s, that for the AI to gain full potential there lies a need to balance the introduction of AI with a proper focus on the patients and the clinicians’ interests. We call for a Participatory Design (PD) approach to understand and reconfigure the socio-technical setup in health-care, especially where AI is being used on EHR data that are manually being submitted by health-care personnel.

Keywords: Participatory Design, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Health Record data, Primary- and Secondary Use data, precision medicine