3.39 Simonsen, J., and O. Storm Jensen (2016): “Contact Quality in Participation: A “Sensethic” Perspective,” in C. Bossen, R.C. Smith, A.M. Kanstrup, L. Huybrechts, J. Vines, and K. Bødker (Eds.) Proceedings of the 14th Participatory Design Conference, August 15-19, 2016, Aarhus, Denmark: Participatory Design in an era of participation, Vol. II, ACM, pp. 45-48.


We investigate the concept of participation from the perspective of quality of the contact in the communicative interactions between participants. We argue for the need for an academic-personal competence that qualifies the human contact central in all Participatory Design (PD) activities as a way to contribute to “an era of participation.” We describe a contact perspective in PD developed through a collaboration with body-oriented psychotherapeutic research that have specialized experiences in investigating open-minded contact and authentic meetings as body-related experiences.

Keywords: Participation; contact quality in communicative interactions; academic-personal competence; bodily related awareness; sensations; emotional reality; authentic and focused presence.

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